Why Durable Outdoor Furniture Matters and How To Pick It

The process of selecting outdoor furniture can be exciting because you have almost limitless designs and types of furniture to choose from. It can also get confusing, and you could even end up losing money from buying furniture that will not last through the test of seasons. While you will probably get some designs and [...]

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Why Your Back Can Benefit from an Ottoman

How did you last decide on a piece of furniture? Was it entirely based on the support and comfort it provided for your body – or did aesthetics also come into play? Unfortunately for too many of us, ergonomics are not prioritized. This can lead to pain and posture problems throughout our lives. To avoid [...]

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How to Clean a Mattress in 10 Simple Steps

Many people change their sheets at least once a week, but fewer than that think to clean their mattress. Sheets are porous so mattresses pick up oils, bacteria and stains. Cleaning your mattress can extend its life and help improve your health and the quality of your sleep. Here’s how to keep your mattress cleaner [...]

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What Are the Benefits of a Pillow Top Mattress?

Anyone who values sleep will tell you that a great mattress can do a world of good for the body. There are a variety of mattresses on the market that are marketed to provide particular benefits. Among the most popular mattresses marketed today, pillow-top mattresses are at the top of the pile.  Pillow top mattresses [...]

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Choosing the Perfect Dining Room Table

Having the perfect dining room table is more important than some may think. Your dining room table is the heart of your home where you have daily meals, dinner parties, holiday gatherings, family game nights, and more! It’s important to choose a table that not only beautifully fits the ambiance of your home but one [...]

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