Designing a New Bedroom? Choose These Furniture Items First

simple bedroom design

Creating the bedroom of your dreams takes time, effort and a lot of thought. Your bedroom will likely be a work in progress but choosing the essential, bigger items will get a lot out of the way so you can focus on design and decor. Read our list below for some of the bedroom essentials you should choose early on in your process as well as some of our favorite items in each


Cavallino King Mansion Bed
One of our favorites: The Cavallino King Mansion Bed

Bed Frame– Being one of the largest items you will purchase, your bed should be one of the initial focuses when you begin buying furniture for your new room. You will want to choose a bed frame that goes with the general direction that you see your bedroom heading. If you don’t have a general concept of the way you will design the rest of your bedroom, go with neutral colors and styles that can match several design options.

Limited Edition Plush - White - Cal King Mattress
The Mattress We Love: Limited Edition Plush – White – Cal King Mattress

Mattress– Choosing the right mattress can significantly improve not only your sleeping habits but also your overall health. Test out different mattresses to see which feels best to you before considering a purchase.

Zilmar Dresser & Mirror
A Fan Favorite: Zilmar Dresser & Mirror

Dresser– The way in which you store your clothing will depend mostly on space; both on how much you already have and on how much you’ll need. If your bedroom has closet space, this will affect the size dresser you will need. Additionally, take a mental inventory of your clothing before shopping for a dresser. Also consider purchasing a dresser with a mirror to make the process of choosing and matching furniture even easier.


Harlinton - Night Stand
A Modern Yet Classic Look: Harlinton – Night Stand

Nightstand– A nightstand is a small but significant piece that helps to make your bedroom more comfortable. Many underestimate the luxury of having a place for a glass of water and alarm clock but you will surely notice the difference if you go without one.


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