Preparing Your Home & Decor for Fall

fall decor

Fall is the perfect time to make your home a comfortable haven to both get away from the cold and enjoy your space. By making a few changes around your home, you can embrace the season and create a cozy, relaxing space. Follow along for some tips on how to embrace these tactics and get your home ready for fall.

Go Metallic

Many of the sights of fall include amber, leafy colors so consider adding other accessory items to your decor to match. By incorporating more brass and copper pieces, you will fill-out the fall feel in your home and elevate the coziness of the season.


Fall-Themed Centerpiece

Opt to change out the centerpiece on your dining room table or kitchen table with a fall-themed arrangement. Combine a few simple elements to create something great! Consider a silver tray with mini pumpkins and fake corn on the cob inside a classic vase. If you’re feeling extra festive, try making your own vase out of a pumpkin.


Redesign Your Fireplace Area

Fall will be the time when you finally get your fireplace going again so decorating the area will be a great way to welcome it back into season. When designing your fall fireplace look, be sure to keep safety as your first priority by not putting anything too close to the firewood area. Check out some decor items for your fireplace here or consider painting it with a whitewash to liven it up.


Make Your Entrance Festive

Add a fall wreath to your door to give your guests something fun to look at as soon as they approach your home. Consider adding other classic fall decorations such as pumpkins, gourds, and potted mums.


Want help giving your home a nice, fall look this season? Contact Metropolitan Furniture today and we’ll help you choose the best products for your home!