Winter Home Decor Ideas to Warm Your Home This January

winter decor

Quick & Easy Winter Decor Tricks

If you’re looking to warm up your home this winter, consider some changes in design, furniture, and decor! Continue reading for tips on how to change your home this season to make it a warm, safe haven from the New England cold!

Pine cones & Garlands

pine cones on a tree

Buying some fresh pine cones is a great way to add a wintery feel to your home. Purchasing some type of garland will add a natural outdoorsy feel to any room in your home. While you can buy artificial versions of both, purchasing fresh pine cones and garland will add a genuine wintery smell to your home.

Spruce Up An Urn

antique white urn

If you have a favorite urn displaying on your kitchen island, dining room table, or elsewhere,  dress it up with some birch logs, spruce branches, and even some Christmas lights. Your guests will surely notice this new addition to your decor!

Get New Furnitureliving room furniture set

What better way to start off the coldest months of the year than with a new, cozy couch to curl up on? Regardless of the style or color of your new coach, it’ll surely keep you comfortable while enjoying the cold months indoors.

Fill A Vase

Kaemon - White - Vase

Take out some of your vases, preferably white, and fill them with trimmings from your Christmas tree, red berry branches, or other festive items you can find. These are quick and easy to make and will add a touch of winter to each place you put them. 

Get A Professional Opinion

If you want to decorate your home for winter, ask the professionals for help! Our staff at Metropolitan Furniture has decades of experience helping our customers design the home they have in mind. Contact us today for direct assistance and shop our products here!