Designs & Furniture to Modernize Your Bedroom

Azara Bedroom Collection

Achieving the Modern Bedroom Look

If you’re looking to redesign your bedroom to give it a more modern look, you’ve come to the right place. Follow along as we discuss the elements to achieving this look as well as a look at the most popular modern bedrooms in the industry.

Elements of a Modern Bedroom

If you want the sophistication of a modern bedroom, there are some design principles you should stick to. Simple patterns with smoothness, clear lines and clutter-free spaces should be incorporated into modernized spaces. For chairs, ottomans, and sofas, modern style chooses to expose the legs whereas most other styles try to hide them. The modern style was developed as a classic, structured system tied to both tradition and rules. Part of these norms is the neutral and natural color schemes used. When looking for furniture for your new bedroom, keep these themes in mind.

Montecarlo Bedroom from Alf Italia

Montecarlo Bedroom Set

The latest bedroom collection from Alf Italia offers customers a full bedroom of stunning Italian furniture. The Montecarlo Bedroom Set includes a bed frame, nightstand, makeup stand including drawers, and a large dresser with external mirrors. This collection also offers some features of contemporary style with layered patterns on each piece. If you are looking to furnish your bedroom with spacious pieces, this is a great option for you.

Pisa Bedroom from Alf Italia

Pisa Bedroom Collection

The Pisa Bedroom from Alf Italia gives its buyers a classic Italian look spun in a modern design. With bed frames offered in several sizes, you’ll be able to purchase this set regardless of the type of mattress you own. In addition to the bed frame, the Pisa Bedroom collection provides you with a tall dresser, a wide dresser, and a nightstand. Offered a warm brown color, this bedroom set is the perfect option to shift your bedroom into a modern design.

Azara Bedroom from Greenington

Azara Bedroom Collection

The bed frame, nightstand, and dresser shown below are a part of the Azara Bedroom Collection from Greenington Furniture. These pieces are made of bamboo, which offers a style and color that coordinate with the modern look. With three different shades to choose from, you can surely find the best fit for your bedroom. With just these three pieces, you can build the framework for a beautiful modern bedroom.