Tell-Tale Signs You Need a New Mattress

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Sleep is vital to our health — so vital, in fact, that it has when getting enough of it you can reduce stress levels, lose weight, and even improve your outlook on life. However, a good night’s rest is nearly impossible without a good mattress. Oftentimes homeowners don’t realize that their poor sleeping habits are simply due to an old mattress. Here are a few signs to look for that indicate it’s time to upgrade to a new mattress.

Signs You Need a New Mattress

  • Your mattress is 10 years old. Most mattresses are built to last anywhere from 8 to 12 years. No matter what condition your mattress may be in at age 10, we recommend replacing it either way. This is due to new mattresses on the market having improved sleep technology that is more ergonomic than your current mattress. There may also be underlying issues with your current mattress you may not be able to see but can be solved with an upgrade.
  • You feel tired and sore when you wake up. If you didn’t run a marathon or hike a mountain the day before and you’re waking up feeling tire and sore, then this is likely due to your mattress. Neck pain, shoulder pain and back pain are no fun to have to deal with day in and day out. Suspect your pillow or pool sleeping habits as a culprit? We recommend purchasing a new pillow or changing your sleeping habits first. If these quick fixes don’t work, then it’s time to head over to our mattress store in Burlington to find the mattress firmness that’s right for your body.
  • Other mattresses feel more comfortable. No one can compete with the perceived comfort of a 5-star hotel mattress, but if you find that you’re gravitating towards another mattress than your own for a better night’s sleep then this is a red flag that it’s time to buy a new one. If you have a space bedroom that you find yourself sleeping in, then perhaps note the difference of why you like that one as opposed to your usual one. This can help us determine the best mattress for your needs.
  • The coils and springs creak or squeak. Sure, anyone jumping up and down on a bed will cause some creaks and squeaks, but if you are casually rolling over in the middle of the night and are constantly woken up by these noises, then chances are your mattress is worn out. With improved mattress materials and technology, you can even opt for a bed that doesn’t have coils or springs in it! You may also just need to replace the box spring that your mattress is sitting on top of (if you have one).
  • Visible or noticeable sag or bowing in the center. Take any mattress cover or sheets off your bed to assess the sagging situation. If your mattress has a visible sag (usually found in the middle), then you know the coils in the middle are failing or the foam no longer has much spring left in it. Sagging most often occurs in coil mattresses and pillow-top mattresses because the coils and the foam become less resilient over time.
  • Bad allergies. Although allergies can get progressively worse as we age, it’s important to consider why your allergies are getting worse. For many homeowners, they don’t realize that mattresses can also harbor allergens — especially if the bed sits on hardwood floors, you don’t wash your sheets often, you have pets that sleep on the bed, or you have windows open in your bedroom. Over time, these allergens seep into your mattress and cannot be removed easily.

Experiencing any or all of these signs? If so, it’s time to stop in at our mattress store in Burlington MA today. Our sleep experts will help you find the best mattress that fits your sleeping habits and your price point. Shop online to view our collection or stop in at our furniture showroom today to test out your new mattress.