Must-Have Patio Furniture for Small Outdoor Spaces

Summer is here, which means it is time to enjoy your porch or patio! It is always fun to host a few friends over for an outdoor bbq or for a cocktail hour. Unfortunately, not all of us are blessed with large outdoor spaces to host gatherings. It can be hard to make use of such a small space and we often get a lot customers asking us how they can make their small patio or deck more functional without it looking overcrowded with furniture.

Our modern furniture store in Burlington has a few suggestions on how to improve your small outdoor space with the help of some patio furniture pieces. Take a look at our suggestions below and our rationale behind our choices.

Top Patio Furniture Pics for Small Outdoor Spaces

  1. Circular Cocktail Table. Unlike rectangular tables that can take up a ton of space on a small patio or deck, circular cocktail tables offer much more versatility in terms of where you can put it. Cocktail tables (such as the Burnella Round Bar Table) are usually quite small to begin with and their heights vary so you can either use them as a coffee table or a dinner-for-two table.
  2. Loveseat. Forgo the three cushioned, full width patio couch and instead opt for a loveseat such as the Cordova Reef Loveseat w/Cushion. These outdoor pieces work well for those with limited amounts of space but still want to be able to entertain and enjoy their outdoor space. Many of our customers will purchase two loveseats and set them adjacent to each other with a small circular cocktail table. If you don’t have room for two loveseats, purchasing one and then an additional standalone chair is another option.
  3. Oversized Corner Chair. Just because you have limited outdoor space doesn’t mean you can’t still have comfortable patio furniture. Although oversized corner chairs may not work on a small deck due to many of the furniture pieces being too wide, they work well on outdoor patios and decks. Oversized corner chairs, such as the Spring Dew Curved Corner Chair w/Cushion make an outdoor space look comfortable and modern.
  4. Cushioned Swivel Chairs. Living in an apartment that only provides you with an 8 ft by 10 ft balcony can be difficult when trying to make your outdoor space usable. Metropolitan Furniture recommends opting for two cushioned swivel chairs and a cocktail table. The comfortable swivel chairs, such as the Predmore Swivel Chair, are easy to move around the balcony and offer the sitter the opportunity to take in the views from all angles.
  5. Patio Umbrella. Does your patio or deck not offer you and your guests any shade during the day? Purchasing a small standing patio umbrella and placing it in the corner can take your outdoor space from mediocre to sophisticated on a low budget. The Auto Tilt Umbrella from Ashley Furniture provides a 9 ft shade radius which is perfect for any small space.

To pull together the new look of your outdoor patio, don’t forget to purchase outdoor pillows, an outdoor rug, potted plants and other accessories if you are looking to have a theme to your outdoor space. Let our furniture experts at Metropolitan Furniture help you find the best pieces for your space and budget! Shop online or visit our showroom at 45 Middlesex Turnpike in Burlington MA.