5 Myths About Leather Furniture That You Shouldn’t Believe

leather living room furniture

There’s a reason leather furniture is still in high demand these days: it’s durable, it’s hypoallergenic, and it’s a breeze to clean. As a furniture company in Burlington, we love the look of both leather and upholstered pieces as long as both are styled correctly with the rest of the room’s furnishings and colors. Unfortunately with the introduction of upholstered furniture, many homeowners have opted to forego leather despite still agreeing that leather furniture looks great in almost any room. We’re here to debunk a few common myths we often hear from our customers regarding leather furniture.

Five Myths About Leather Furniture That Aren’t True

  1. It’s hard to care for. As furniture experts, we can safely say that both leather furniture and upholstered furniture require the same amount of care. While upholstered furniture will need to have the slips removed and washed at a dry cleaner and needs to be spot treated with cleaning solutions, leather furniture simply needs to be wiped down with a damp cloth or a dry cloth depending on whether or not it’s treated leather. Leather furniture should be conditioned every 6-12 months depending on it’s use, but this task is not time consuming and can be a DIY project.
  2. Leather furniture doesn’t last as long. Contrary to popular belief, good quality, real leather furniture is built to last. At Metropolitan Furniture, our leather furniture pieces are chosen with the upmost care and we only offer products from well known and reliable brands. As leather ages, you will notice that the aging process brings out it’s natural patina; the piece will become “worn in” and it’s color will deepen as time goes on. Leather is a natural product which means it will last much longer than many upholstered pieces that will need to be recovered over time due to sun damage and use.
  3. The temperature of leather furniture fluctuates too much. Many skeptics of leather furniture believe that leather gets too hot during the summer and too cold during the winter months and site that this is an issue with their car’s leather seats. Although almost any surface in direct sunlight is bound to get hot during the summer, leather as a material is actually quite breathable and therefore cooler. During the winter, leather warms up quickly to your body heat and will generally adapt to the temperature on the thermostat in the room. We recommend that you do not place your leather furniture in direct sunlight, just as you would avoid placing upholstered furniture in direct sunlight due to UV damage.
  4. It’s easily damaged by pets and people. When it comes to pets, both leather furniture and upholstered furniture are both at their mercy. It’s important to either train your pets to stay off of the couch or at least place furniture protective adhesives to prevent it from becoming a scratching post. The same can be done for upholstered furniture. For the most part though, if a pet does end up on the leather couch or hair, it’s much easier to remove any hair left behind.
  5. Leather furniture is too expensive. You don’t need to make millions in order to be able to purchase leather furniture for your home. In fact, Metropolitan Furniture’s leather furniture is priced competitively and many of our customers end up saving a couple hundred dollars compared to shopping for leather furniture elsewhere. Just as any piece of quality furniture can be expensive, it’s up to you to decide whether or not it’s worth the investment. Many times upholstered pieces can be just as expensive due to the brand, the design and the materials used.

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