Home Decor That Goes Well With Leather Furniture

Dinorah Teal Blue Wall Art

Leather furniture is beautiful due to it’s natural and raw appearance. Many homeowners can get intimidated by it’s bold, deep and often dark coloration, but this is a great opportunity to accessorize the surrounding space with other decorative pieces and furniture. At Metropolitan Furniture in Burlington MA, we have a few suggestions as to how to create a functional and beautiful space to highlight your leather furniture pieces.

How To Decorate A Room Around Leather Furniture

  • Bold Walls & Patterned Rug. Leather furniture is rich and dark, so why not compliment it’s appearance with equally as bold and rich-colored walls. For example, a deep red accent wall or a dark royal blue color will go perfectly with your brown leather sofa. Don’t forget to add some focal point in the form of a patterned Moroccan rug.


  • Add Neutral Colors. Dark brown or black leather furniture can be toned down using light beige, light gray, and shades of white. From flowing off-white curtains and throw blankets, to overstuffed pillows, there are plenty of smaller accessories you can purchase to tone down the deep rich color of your leather furniture without drawing the attention away from the piece.


  • Creating Texture. Leather furniture is smooth and oftentimes glossy, and if you have a large leather couch that can oftentimes be the only type of texture in the room. We recommend picking up a few more items that break this up a bit, such as a post-modern accent mirror or a fluffy, touchable faux fur throw blanket.


  • Add Accent Colors. If you find that you have a lot of neutral furniture pieces and other accessory items, then perhaps it’s time to add some color into the mix in order to create another focal point. At Metropolitan Furniture, we believe that even the addition of a single piece of colorful wall art can really pull the rest of the room together. If metallic items are more your style, try adding some chrome accent bowls to your coffee table or end tables.


  • Opt For Upholstered Pieces. If you have a large leather couch, we recommend purchasing a lighter, neutral-colored upholstered chair or love seat if the space can fit it. Having two contrasting pieces works well as long as you stick to a unifying color scheme. At Metropolitan Furniture, we have hundreds of upholstered living room furniture to choose from.


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