5 Ways to Accessorize Your Couch

Couch with Pillows

Your couch is the focal point of your living room, and some would argue of the whole house. It is where guests gather when they come over, it is where you sit down and watch your favorite TV show, or even just curl up with a good book in the evening. Despite this, you may find that your couch doesn’t stand out as much as it should, or that it may even be somewhat bland for something that receives so much attention. Not to fear: here are 5 easy ways to accessorize and elevate your couch.

Add Pillows

Couch Pillows

Pillows are a must for any couch, so if yours doesn’t already have some you have work to do! Pillows can either stand out and pop, or they can either blend in to the couch and compliment it’s color. If a couch is a neutral, lighter shade, make it stand out more by adding bright, loud colors like red, bright blue, or bold yellow. If it’s a solid color like dark brown or black, use more patterned items like this Daru pillow to introduce some texture into the mix.

Add a Throw Blanket

Throw Blanket for Couch

A throw is a thick blanket of sorts that is perfectly adequate for cuddling up when it gets a little chilly in the evening. It can also serve as a fine way to add a little texture and richness to your couch. Choose something that is more neutral and blends in with your couch such as this Haiden Throw, and you’ll have something that adds a little more depth to your couch, as well as a tad more coziness.

Add Accompanying Seating

Bean Bag in Living Room

There’s more you can do than just adding things to your couch to bring attention to it, you also highlight your couch through surrounding pieces in the room. For example, adding armchairs and poufs on the floor around it allows it to be more of a centerpoint for the living room. These don’t have to be the same color, or even the same style. Use them to provide a more diverse palate of colors and textures to the room. Check out this teal pouf from Nils to get you started.

Add Complimentary Furniture

Coffee Table

Ever notice how people seem to congregate in the kitchen rather than the living room when they come over? Seems counterintuitive, until you realize that the drinks, the snacks, and a surface to put it all on tend to be over there. Sway people over to the area that is actually meant for socializing through providing those things in the form of coffee and side tables, as well as shelving. This will make things more comfy and casual, and make sure that you get your money’s worth out of your couch through people actually using it. Take a look at items like this Madanere table set to get the surface space you need.

Decorate the Wall

Pictures on Wall

There are few things blander than a neutral couch with a blank white wall behind it. To make things a little more interesting, add some art or shelving behind it to not only fill the wall, but bring attention to the couch below. Try to keep the paintings relatively neutral if you have followed everything else on this list, as you don’t want your room to become too busy. This black and white set of 3 is a good starter that will go with more or less anything.

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