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Greenington furniture is one of the top brands in the game right now, and is one of the leaders in a line of new modern, eco-friendly brands dedicated to providing a clean, sophisticated look to the homes of today. With a high standard of craftsmanship and an incredible level of attention to detail, it is easy to see why Greenington is as renowned as it is.

Greenington Bed

A History with Bamboo

A unique thing about Greenington’s origins is that it was a veteran in the bamboo industry before it even started. The founder of Greenington had been working in the bamboo industry for over 20 years before branching out into his own line of bamboo furniture in 2004. At the time, he was ahead of the game, pioneering an incredible product that was produced sustainably, well before it became a trending topic in the furniture business. So it should come as a surprise to no one that they quickly rose to the top. Today, they are known nationwide as a shining example of sustainable furniture done right, and proof that quality products and environmentally conscious about it can coexist.

Greenington Current Bedroom Caramelized

Exquisite Production

The craftsmanship of Greenington’s furniture is something that must be seen to be truly appreciated. Crafted from Chinese and Taiwanese bamboo, each piece first begins as finer strands of bamboo interwoven together, which are then soaked in adhesive material and pressed together into very dense panels. The compression and heat ultimately brings out a much more darker and richer color, making the bamboo more akin to exotic hardwood material. Denser and stronger, it is then sized and milled as needed, then put into large steamers to help “cook the sugars”, giving it it’s caramelized finish color. Afterwards, it is shaped appropriately through several more processes, before it is ready for finishing.

Finishes are Greenington’s specialty, as they offer numerous different shades that bring out different features of the bamboo. Each piece is put through an intensive finishing process that ensures a unique look and feel for the furniture piece. You can let the original color shine through their natural Caramelized finish (shown above), or bring out a darker feel for the piece through their Sable with its deep rich and somewhat exotic hints of reddish brown. However, if you are feeling like creating a truly exotic look, check out the mix of their light and dark materials, resulting in their Exotic finish.

Greenington Dining Set

Impeccable Style

Midcentury-style is more popular now than it was when it first debuted in the 1950s, and for good reason. With sleek lines and minimalism being the new trend in homes today, people are opening their vintage catalogs for inspiration on how to decorate their homes. Right alongside this trend though is a move away from laminates and cardboard, and a newfound appreciation for natural materials.

Right in between these two trends is where Greenington fits in nicely. While its style is based on midcentury furnishings, the company puts a twist through its modern bamboo material, who’s rich texture and smooth finishing adds another level of dimensionality typically not seen in modern furniture. The result are exquisite pieces that are as warm as they are contemporary.



Greenington aims to be a company that is aware of the many environmental issues that exist in the world today, utilizing the most sustainable materials, and manufacturing their products in a way that’s as least wasteful as possible. This fills a much-needed gap in the furniture industry and makes Greenington a role model worthy of being emulated by other brands. So rest easy knowing that any purchase you make from this company will not only give your home a standout interior, but will result in far less harm to the environment compared with any other company.

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