About Younger Furniture

As of today if you look at Amini furniture’s website, you’ll find that the first thing you will see is a large banner that says “We are more than furniture”. At first, it’s easy to dismiss it as some cheesy marketing slogan, but upon learning more about the company and the people behind it you will quickly realize it is much less of an advertising ploy, and more of a philosophy that the company imbues into its operations. From the way they build their furniture to the people behind it, all stages of the operation are anchored by core values that promote community, sustainability, and creating a fantastic product. Let’s learn more about the fascinating company that is Younger Furniture.

A Family Oriented Operation


Few things warm the heart more than the notion of a family business, and that is exactly what it is. Founded by Mike Younger in 1989, who had previously spent 18 years working for a high-end furniture manufacturer, the company initially started as a smaller company that went out of business. Mike, who was the plant manager of their facilities, was left with a large order from IKEA that otherwise wouldn’t be filled. Local vendors in the area knew him, and gave him credit to get his business off the ground. And so through the generosity of the community around him, Younger Furniture was born.

Since then, the company has grown dramatically. What initially started as a 5,000 square foot warehouse with 4 employees expanded several times over the years, and now employs 65 people at an 85,000 square foot facility. The company has persevered in spite of competition with China and the Great Recession, and has successfully managed to leverage its efficient manufacturing process, which consists of a combination of traditional construction methods with the latest technology, as a major advantage that few companies can match.

In spite of all this change, the company is still family owned and operated. Now in its second generation of management, Mike’s children now handle several major factions of the company, helping it modernize in terms of marketing and distribution without losing touch of its humble roots.

Keeping Things Local


Younger furniture prides itself on its contributions to the local economy. After all, it was started by the relationships Mike forged with his vendors. That mentality is still relevant today when it comes to sourcing materials and components. For all of their hand-built furniture, everything is sourced within an 85-mile radius of the company’s operations, supporting the local economy around them, and ensuring that everyone benefits from the business they generate.

They don’t restrict this to manufacturing though! While they do support some larger chains, including Crate & Barrel, almost 95% of their customers come from individual retailers. Supporting small businesses all over the US is not just a sentiment, it is in their business model!

A Superior Product


All of this, however, centers around one thing, which is the product itself. Younger furniture prides itself on creating some of the most stylish and well-made couches on the market. Leather & fabric upholstery come from exotic locations all over the world. Structural elements such as the frame and the springs are entirely locally sourced, and consist of frames of kiln-dried North American hardwoods are double-doweled and glued. The heavy 8-gauge springs are closely spaced, secured with a webbing strap and a double row of tie wire for durable seating. These frames are a particular source of pride for the company’s founder, for Mike himself said, “You could drop this frame off the back of a truck and it wouldn’t break.”

At the end of the day, Younger Furniture is a company that has managed to do what most companies have failed at, which is the balancing act of juggling commercial success with their moral obligations to the world around them, all without compromising on their product. So know that when you purchase a Younger furniture piece, you are supporting small American businesses in addition to receiving an incredibly well-made piece of furniture that is sure to become a standout in your home. Come down to our Burlington showroom to take a look for yourself, or check out our online catalog on our website.