About Diamond Sofa

Green Crawford Diamond Sofa

Sophistication is something that is often associated with contemporary furniture. The idea of exhibiting a sense of culture and fashion through your choice of furniture. It is something that you want to express to anyone who walks into your home.

Few furniture companies manage to embed this in their pieces as much as Diamond Furniture. Their pieces exude a strong sense of modernity and class, all while rooted in a classic aesthetic that only a few could match. They specialize in making conversational pieces that are as functional as they are eye-catching.

A History with Quality

Diamond Furniture was founded in 1992, and aimed to create “a strong American brand with global reach and a design authority with an urban contemporary attitude”, as “well as an innovative distributor and manufacturer”. Not only has it become all of those things, but it has also done so exceptionally, with its vertical integration ensuring higher quality construction and control over each element of the design, resulting in furniture that sports incredible detailing and materials that you would be hardpressed to find anywhere else.

Unique Design

Another distinguishing factor about Diamond Furniture is their unique design. They offer special modular collections and coordinated case pieces that are designed to offer a wide variety of options and combinations to best suit the needs of your home. This next level of functionality ensures that no matter what your preference or space, you are bound to find pieces that fit your needs.

To learn more about Diamond Furniture, check out our online selection here, or better yet visit us in person at our showroom in Burlington MA.