Choosing the Perfect Dining Room Table

Having the perfect dining room table is more important than some may think. Your dining room table is the heart of your home where you have daily meals, dinner parties, holiday gatherings, family game nights, and more! It’s important to choose a table that not only beautifully fits the ambiance of your home but one that is also comfortable for you, your family, and guests. Since it can be overwhelming choosing which dining room table is best for your home, we wrote out some guidelines to help you decide the style, size, and material that can help bring your dining room ambiance to the next level.


Since you most likely want your home to have a cohesive look, choose a dining room table that blends well with the furniture you currently have throughout your home. Choosing a table that matches the shape of your dining room enhances balance and consistency. If your dining room is rectangular, choosing a rectangle dining table is a good option. If your dining room is a bit smaller, a round table is more ideal.

It is also important to keep in mind what your dining room is mostly used for and how often you have company over. If you don’t have company over often and it is just used for you and your family, a smaller round or square table is a great option so that you are all close in proximity and can enjoy an intimate family dinner. If you mostly host larger gatherings in your dining room, a bigger rectangle table may be the way to go. The most common table shapes include rectangular, square, round, and oval.


The material of your dining room table can either make a big statement in the room or be a little more subtle to let the other furniture in the room make the statements. Wood tables fill up the room, making a bold statement. Glass tables are less of a statement and allow the room to look more open. Marble and granite tables offer a more natural look to the room and metal tables are best for contemporary or industrial ambiances. Make your selection based on the rest of the furniture in the room and if you want a table that will stand out or one that will blend in and allow other pieces of furniture to stand out.


When it comes to size it is important to measure your dining room before choosing a table. You want to make sure your table fits comfortably without blocking shelves, doors, or other pieces of furniture. It is recommended to leave at least a 3-foot border from the wall to your chairs so that you and your guests can easily get up and down from the table. If you sometimes have bigger gatherings but not too often, you may want to choose a table with a removable leaf. If that is the case, you need to make sure you measure keeping the extra leaf in mind.


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