What Are the Benefits of a Pillow Top Mattress?

pillow top mattress

Anyone who values sleep will tell you that a great mattress can do a world of good for the body. There are a variety of mattresses on the market that are marketed to provide particular benefits. Among the most popular mattresses marketed today, pillow-top mattresses are at the top of the pile.  Pillow top mattresses feature an innerspring foundation, plus a top-layer of padding sewn in for added support, comfort and luxurious feel. Pillow top mattresses can provide many benefits.


pillow top mattress is designed with an extra quilted layer of padding that enhances comfort and softness. The top layer can be made from a variety of materials, including memory foam, latex, and cotton. When shopping for pillow-top mattresses, you have the option of selecting your preferred material. A memory foam top layer, for example, gently contours to the unique shape of your body, providing the support that enhances sleep and maximizes comfort. This mattress limits disturbing motion by absorbing the movement of a sleeping partner, allowing for a better night’s sleep. Furthermore, depending on the material used in creating the mattress, pillow-top mattresses do not retain body heat, limiting the chance of a sleeper struggling to regulate their temperature when trying to get a good night’s sleep.

Reduce Pain

The added cushion that a pillow top mattress provides, lends adequate support to the spine and contours to the hips, back and shoulders and helps with the even distribution of body weight. This helps to relieve the pressure point aches throughout the body and prevent the discomfort that could trigger aches and pain.

Good for Side Sleepers

Pillow top mattresses are designed in a way that accommodates every type of sleeper, which includes side sleepers. No matter your preferred sleep position, you will enjoy long-lasting support and comfort throughout the night as you sleep. Typically, pillow-top mattresses are innerspring, offering an adequate degree of balance between support provided by the coil system, and the comfort allowed by the comfortable padded layer.

Back Support

One of the best benefits of a pillow top mattress is the back support it provides sleepers. They are designed to provide full-body support, thanks to the added layer of padding that is stitched into the top portion of the mattress. When this top layer is made of memory foam, you can expect to have your back supported in a way that increases comfort and reduces the chance of back pain. The contouring quality of memory foam allows the mattress to adjust around you to your shape and weight.


If you are trying to decide on a pillow mattress, remember that they are available in a range of material and it’s up to choose your preferred mattress. If you need help with making the right choice for you, the professionals at Metropolitan Furniture will guide you and help you select that best match for your individual needs. Contact us today!