Why Your Back Can Benefit from an Ottoman

woman using ottoman

How did you last decide on a piece of furniture? Was it entirely based on the support and comfort it provided for your body – or did aesthetics also come into play? Unfortunately for too many of us, ergonomics are not prioritized. This can lead to pain and posture problems throughout our lives.

To avoid these problems, we recommend investing in an ottoman. An ottoman is a piece of furniture that has a padded or upholstered seat. It typically has no arms or back. Ottomans are very flexible. Not only can they be used as extra seating when you are entertaining, they can be used as a footstool for comfort and to increase the ergonomic factor of your existing furniture.


Ottomans Improve Posture

Believe it or not, ottomans help us relax in a more natural position. If you are taller or shorter, an ottoman may help alleviate any awkward feelings you may have when you sit down. For example, particularly tall people may feel like they are squatting if a sofa is too low. By using an ottoman for their feet, they can relax in a way that doesn’t put stress on their back or knees.

This is important, as it helps improve your posture, which does impact your body.


How Posture Affects Your Body

When your body is misaligned, it puts stress on your ligaments and muscles. This can also lead to decreased blood flow throughout the body, which can cause pain and weakness in your lower extremities. Seating that includes an ottoman promotes a body posture that is similar to sitting up in bed.

When we sit in an unnatural position, we can sometimes feel comfortable. Our muscles can sometimes relax while our body shifts the load of our weight to our ligaments instead. However, when we put this type of strain on our ligaments, our bodies actually become less able to communicate adequately with our brains. This makes us much more likely to injure ourselves.


Choosing an Ottoman

Ottomans come in a variety of colors and sizes, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to find one that not only matches your furniture and fits well in your space, but also is the right height to help provide support for your body. Ideally, your ottoman would be the same height as your sofa or chair. Slightly lower is OK too, but too low may put too much stress on your hips. Additionally, one that is higher than your furniture may put a strain on your back.


If you want help selecting the right ottoman to assist you with more ergonomic seating, contact Metropolitan Furniture! Metropolitan Furniture offers a great selection of ottomans and can help you make sure your furniture is offering the best support for your body.