Why Durable Outdoor Furniture Matters and How To Pick It

Patio with beautiful furniture

The process of selecting outdoor furniture can be exciting because you have almost limitless designs and types of furniture to choose from. It can also get confusing, and you could even end up losing money from buying furniture that will not last through the test of seasons. While you will probably get some designs and types of furniture for a cheaper price, it is always advisable to go for durability while selecting the best outdoor furniture.

Durable Outdoor Furniture Materials

Whether you are looking for poolside chaise lounges or patio chairs, you will need to know what materials make the best and most durable outdoor furniture. These materials include:


This has probably crossed your mind. Furniture made of metal makes for one of the most durable types, due to the very resilient nature of the material. Most used metals include:

  • Aluminum- Loved for its lightweight, yet sturdy nature, this is one of the best metals for outdoor furniture. It is also resistant to rust and requires minimal care.
  • Steel- It is one of the strongest materials, and withstands impacts and high winds.
  • Wrought Iron- It is the heaviest and sturdiest of the three, but it calls for more care since it does not possess the rust-resistant properties of steel or aluminum.


Plastic furniture could be made from recycled plastic, resin or polymer. It is lightweight, can be designed in numerous ways and colors, and is easy to move around.

Wood and Rattan

Wood is natural, readily available and thus the most common material for furniture. You should be careful, however, to choose the strongest and sturdiest wood type for your furniture depending on the use. On the other hand, rattan is lightweight, durable and can be designed in many different ways, therefore not limiting your creativity.


Getting durable outdoor furniture comes with its benefits. You will save on repairs and replacements, and a patio with good quality furniture looks beautiful every day. Durable furniture also means that you will spend less time worrying about maintenance, as the furniture holds up well against the elements.

What to Look Out For.

There are a few things you will need to look for when getting furniture for your outdoors. These include:

  • Welded Joints and Well Fixed Joints- Durable outdoor furniture will have well-fixed joints and no loose pieces. If metallic, the furniture should have welded joints that are uniform and neat, and will not require assembling.
  • Powder Coated Surfaces- Most durable outdoor furniture will have a special coating to ensure the paintwork will not crack or deteriorate due to the elements.

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