Is Your Mattress Too Soft? 4 Signs You Need a Firmer Mattress

back pain from soft mattress


People often have different preferences over the firmness of their mattress. Some like a firmer mattress while others enjoy a softer mattress. However, sometimes if your mattress is too soft it can do more harm than good to your body. In order to keep a healthy spinal alignment, you sometimes need a more firm mattress to support you. When choosing a mattress you have to consider not just what you prefer but also what your body needs. Here are a few signs that you may need to ditch the extra soft mattress and get a firmer one. 

1. You wake up with a sore and stiff lower back

The most common sign that your mattress is too soft is if you wake up with lower backaches, soreness, or stiffness. You usually feel these aches when you first wake up as since you’ve been in bed for a long period of time. There may be other reasons why you wake up with lower back pain but if you notice the pain only happens when you first wake up, it is usually a sign that your mattress is not supporting your body enough. 

2. You have a tough time getting comfortable in bed

If you often have a tough time getting comfortable in your bed it may be because your mattress is too soft. If you’re constantly moving around to get comfortable it’s probably because your muscles aren’t able to fully relax on your soft bed. If your body has to fight to stay properly aligned because your mattress is not doing the work for you, it is likely you need a firmer mattress to better support your body.

3. If you sleep on your stomach and often wake up with neck or shoulder pain

People who sleep on their stomachs have to pay extra attention to the firmness on their mattress. This is because sleeping on your stomach already puts a strain on your neck, upper back, and shoulders due to the upper body twisting position you’re in. If your mattress is too soft your hips and lower body can sink into your mattress completely messing up the alignment of your body. It is important to have a mattress and pillow that supports your body and neck enough so that you won’t wake up stiff and sore.

4. You struggle to get in and out of bed

Do you struggle to get in and out of your bed? If so, this could be a sign of having a mattress that is too soft. This shows that you don’t have much firmness in your mattress which like stated above, is not good when it comes to supporting your body.

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