The Do’s and Don’t’s of Furniture Shopping

furniture shopping

Furniture shopping is often an up and down roller coaster of emotions. At first, you’re excited about upgrading your space. But then comes the search – the right piece of furniture, at the right price, that will fit in your space – and it can quickly dampen your excitement for the project overall.

Don’t give up – here are some tips to make furniture shopping less stressful and more fun.

Start with measurements 

You probably know you need to measure the space where you expect the furniture to live. But you will also need to measure any doorways or passageways where the furniture will need to travel to in order to get to its final destination. 

You’ll also want to be sure to bring a measuring tape with you when you look at furniture. This will help you determine if a piece is the right size early on – before you love it and then realize it won’t fit.

Test it 

It can be tempting to purchase furniture online because you have access to a lot of styles and price ranges at the touch of a button. However, especially if it is something you will be sitting on or laying on and comfort is important, you’ll want to test it out in-person. You can browse online and see what styles might be of interest to you, but then go in-person to try it out.

Be realistic 

A piece of furniture is an investment – so you want to make sure you’re buying something that will stand up to the normal pace of your home. For example, you wouldn’t want to purchase a white couch if you have a lot of children. Similarly, leather dining chairs may not be the right choice if you have a toddler who is learning how to use a fork (on everything.) If you have pets, certain fabrics and colors may also be inappropriate due to claws and shedding hair. 

Consider your budget

If you’re shopping on a budget, you may also want to weigh the pros and cons of buying a cheaper piece of furniture now that will have to be replaced sooner or saving up for something more expensive that will stand the test of time.

Protect your investment 

No matter what type of furniture you’re shopping for or what factors in your home you’re considering like children or pets – there are steps you can take to protect your furniture from damage. For example, many fabric sofas can be protected with special sprays.

You’ll also want to think about maintenance. If you are buying a wood piece of furniture, you may need to perform special cleaning to maintain its quality over time.

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