Tips for Choosing the Perfect Sofa

choosing a sofa

We are in the era of endless choice, and like every other thing, you seem to have limitless options when choosing a sofa. You might think you have it under control until you walk into the shop and see various shapes, styles, and sizes.

Let’s discuss important tips that you must look out for when choosing the perfect sofa.

Consider the size first 

The size of the sofa is arguably the most important factor you must consider. Is your living room big? Do you want the sofa to cover most of the spaces, or do you want a smaller one? These are questions you must answer which will give you insights into your perfect sofa.

If you want the sofa to be the focal point of your living room, a round couch shape with lots of seating will be the perfect sofa.

Decide the orientation 

After you have decided the size of the sofa, then you must decide how you want the room to be organized. Often time, your lifestyle will determine this. Do you have a large family that love to relax on the sofa? Do you love hosting wine or game nights? Then you might have to surround the sofa with cushions and chairs to create several seating areas.

Determine the best shape for the room

Next is to determine the best way to arrange the room. If the room is an open area that needs to be divided into the living room and dining room, then a clean L-shape setting would be great. If the room is smaller, then a round shape will fit in perfectly. 

Research upholstery materials 

The aestheticism of your sofa is important, but so is the functionality. If you have pets or kids for instance, then suede is a poor choice. Leather sofas generally serve the purpose, especially when in darker colors. They are also consistent in style and wears well with age.

Another fantastic choice is outdoor fabric. Some materials resist water, stains, and fading from the sun which is great for outdoor couches. They are also simple and classic in style.

Choose a style that compliments your home

Going with your instinct often time seems to work when choosing the perfect sofa for your home. If your style is modern and sleek, then sofas in clean and dramatic colors will better suit you.

If your home setting and design have a mix of colors and designs, then a sofa that combines several styles in a colorful fabric will fit perfectly. A classically structured sofa will be great if you are a little bit more traditional.

Shop Sofas at Metropolitan Furniture 

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