Are Your Kids Ready for Bunk Beds?

durable bunk bed

When children reach a certain age (usually between ages 4 and 10), they start to get curious, adventurous and begin to crave a lot of things. A bunk bed is usually one of these things. There are advantages to having your children use bunk beds; this could foster siblings’ bonding and saves you a lot of space. But you have to be sure that your kids are ready for a bunk bed. 

Before getting bunk beds for your kids, ask yourself the following 5 questions: 


Can they Climb Comfortably?


The top bed usually needs more maintenance. Whoever will occupy the space must be strong enough to climb the connecting ladder or staircase. So, be sure you can climb up yourself. The eldest/strongest amongst your kids should be the one allowed to occupy the top bunk. 


Will they Agree on Sleeping Positions?


You don’t want your children fighting over territories and over who gets to occupy the top bunk. That is your duty – you need to set the boundaries for them. You can make this even more fun by inscribing or painting each person’s name on the part of the bunk you want them to occupy. As we pointed earlier, let the oldest child have the top bunk. 


Will It Be Safe for Them?


You must be sure that having your children use bunk beds will not hurt them. Since kids are always very adventurous, they want to climb “up the castle” even when they are not sure how they will get down. Some kids will even attempt to jump off the top bunk just for fun. You should find a way to restrict these dangerous behaviors – you can detach the ladder or stars during the day and only fix it when they need it to get to bed in the night, ban the younger child from using the top bunk, and warn them against horseplay on the bunk.  


Are the Bunks with Bed Option?


Maybe you realize that your children cannot handle bunk beds yet. But you don’t want to buy a single bed now and still have to buy another later. Then, you should go for bunks with detachable single bed options. That way, your children can sleep on the detached single beds for some time. You can reassemble it back to a bunk once you are sure they are ready for it.


Will the Saved Spaces Be Useful?


Some of the advantages of using a bunk are; it gives your children more space to play with their toys and creates enough room for more children to sleep. However, make rules for them to foster tolerance, especially for older children.

Prepare Your Kids For Bunk Beds

Having your kids use bunk beds can be very advantageous to you and them. However, you must be sure they are ready, it is safe, and that they can tolerate one another on it. The most effective way to do this is to create rules and boundaries for your kids. At Metropolitan Furniture, we provide durable and safe bunk beds that are for kids. Browse our bunk beds and give us a call with any questions you may have! 781- 365-1383