Benefits of Choosing Leather Furniture Over Fabric

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It is common knowledge that the use of leather is as old as man. Regardless, the struggle to choose durable and pleasing materials that suit the design and style can be a daunting battle even for an interior designer. Choosing between a piece of furniture with a leather finishing or one with a fabric finishing will depend on the benefits they offer. What are the benefits of choosing leather furniture over fabric?

Benefits of Leather

Health Benefits

Fabric furniture usually harbors allergens such as dust mites, pet danders, and others. This makes it unsuitable for people with allergies. Leather furniture, on the other hand, is non-allergenic. The surfaces are usually even and smooth, leaving no space for the harbor of allergens.



Leather furniture lends style and a sleek appearance to the room than fabric does. This is because it is made from animal hides that usually have their distinctive markings and blemishes. Apart from being in vogue, they give the room a more contemporary look than top fabric furniture. 

The leather is usually sold in its natural color, which generally lasts for a very long time compared to fabric. When it is dyed, it usually absorbs the color, which also makes it hard to fade. The retaining of the color coupled with the strength of the leather gives a room the elegance it needs.



Unlike fabric that usually absorbs dirt and spills, leather is resistant. Since stains and dirt typically stay on top of leather instead of being absorbed, cleaning is simply done by wiping with a damp cloth. On the other hand, Fabrics absorb spills and dirt, which can not entirely be wiped off with a cloth. This difference in maintenance routine affects the durability of both.



The initial cost of fabric to leather furniture may be less in comparison. But in the long run, you are likely to have spent more than the leather furniture cost on the replacement and maintenance of the fabric furniture. 



Fabric furniture usually fades as they age with time. They give a tired and worn-out look and even lose their shape as they age. When this happens, they often do not fit into the interior décor because they stand out as faded old furniture. This means they look uninviting.

Leather, on the other hand, breathes. Whether leather sofas or leather pillows, it absorbs and releases moisture and heat quickly. This makes it comfortable because it is less sticky or damp.


Impression of quality

Leather furniture gives a better impression compared to fabric furniture because leather is always associated with the class. Whether it’s a private study room, an office, or a library, leather furniture gives a classy impression that fabric furniture can never give.


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