Reasons To Upgrade Your Bed This Year

installing new bed

Did you know that we humans spend around a third of our lives sleeping (or trying to sleep)? That’s a lot of hours spent in bed! Spending so much time on one piece of furniture means that we should really be paying more attention to it, especially if we want the best sleep possible. Here are a few more reasons to upgrade your bed this year. 

Better Overall Health

Sleep is a crucial part of your overall health, so it’s important to get high-quality sleep. If you’re not sleeping well, you could begin to experience physical symptoms like nausea, inflammation, and fatigue. Additionally, stress and anxiety levels tend to rise when we are not well-rested. Cognitive function can also be affected, so a person who isn’t sleeping well may experience issues with memory, focus, or concentration. 

A new bed can help create a soothing, comfortable environment that makes getting to sleep easy. When you feel at home in your bedroom, you will be more likely to get a good night’s rest. 

It’s a Good Investment

A well-made bed can last for decades – or a lifetime! High-quality solid wood bedframes are your best bet for a great investment. And don’t worry about style. If a country-style oak frame isn’t your cup of tea, there are plenty of modern and minimalistic designs using solid wood. 

Interior Design Improvements

Whether you’re looking to create a whole new aesthetic for your room or you just need a new bed, this is your chance to change up the decor in your bedroom. Because the bed is such a large piece of furniture, it has a major impact on the overall style of your room. 

When thinking about the design direction in which you’d like to take your bedroom, it’s a good idea to look at beds for inspiration. Modern platform beds are chic and minimalistic, while an elegant canopy bed can add a touch of drama.

After you’ve found your perfect bed, you can begin to build the rest of the decor around it to match. Ben linens, lamps, and bedside tables may all need a change to match your new bed. 

New Needs

As we experience human life, we may discover that we have new needs that we didn’t before. Injuries and age can make rising out of a low-to-the-ground bed difficult and painful. A move to a cooler climate means you need more storage for winter blankets. Or maybe you just need a bigger bed to accommodate a partner and pets. Whatever your reason, take advantage of the need for a new bed to upgrade your room as a whole. 

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