Ways to Upgrade Your Outdated Living Room

updated living room

Getting tired of your living room’s current look? It’s time for a change! If you’ve had the same living room for a while, chances are it’s a bit outdated. And more likely, you’re probably just getting tired of it. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to give your room a makeover without having to start from scratch. Here are a few ways to upgrade your outdated living room. 

Rearrange the Layout

If you’re looking for an easy way to update your living room without spending a penny, a simple rearranging can go a long way. Think about what your current layout is missing: floor space, natural light, comfort, etc. Then, you can start planning how you want to move things around. You can do the trial-and-error method by moving the furniture around to see if it works, but save your back and use an online interactive room planner to take out the guesswork. 

Update the Furniture

If rearranging the layout isn’t an option or doesn’t give you the change you’re looking for, consider updating the furniture itself. Old, worn-out sofas and scuffed coffee tables can date a room’s aesthetic, regardless of the rest of the decor. Here are a few things to think about. 

  1. Style. Updating your old sofa to a new one of the same style will de-age your room, but it’s not necessarily an upgrade. Instead, decide on a theme, color, or style you want in your living room and look for furniture that matches that. For example, a modern Victorian living room may feature luxurious silk and velvet upholstery and big floral prints. Alternatively, a mid-century modern sofa suits a minimalist space. 
  2. Function. Multifunctional furniture could be a good idea if you have limited space or a growing amount of “stuff.” For example, a storage ottoman is a great way to hide throws or remote controls when not in use while also acting as a footrest or extra seating. A pull-out couch provides extra sleeping space for guests. The more versatile your furniture, the less clutter you’ll have around the room. 
  3. Covering. Love your armchair, but it’s on its last legs? If your furniture is structurally sound, you might want to consider having it professionally reupholstered or recovered. You’ll have several options for colors, fabrics, and patterns, so your old chair will be like a brand new piece when it comes home.

Change the Color

Don’t underestimate the change a new coat of paint can provide for any room in the house. If your walls and ceiling are the same neutral-beige they were when you moved in, it’s time to think about an upgrade. Be careful: unless you’re planning on updating all of your other decor and furniture, try to choose a new color that matches what you have. 

Update the Decor

A simple and inexpensive way to revamp your living room is by updating your decor. Throws, decorative pillows, wall art, lamps, and more are excellent subjects for getting an upgrade. You don’t have to do it all at once, either. Replace items piece by piece as you find new things you love (and as your budget allows) and eventually you’ll have practically a whole new living room!

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