Popular Dining Room Table Trends

dining room table

Dining room tables are an expensive investment and should be well-thought-out before purchasing. There is a wide range of dining room table options available to meet the design, functionality, and seating requirements of any home.

Before you purchase a new dining room table you should explore the popular trends in dining room table furniture below.


There is a wide variety of dining room tables available. It is important that you consider the following factors before you begin your search:

  • Size
  • Shape
  • Material
  • Style
  • Quality 

The size and shape will both be important because of your seating needs and the size of your dining room. Use a table measure to determine how much space you are willing to use to accommodate your new table. 

You should consider your unique circumstances before choosing which materials you would your new table to be constructed of. Think of children, pets, or others who may come into contact with the dining room table and proceed accordingly. 

Limited Space

There are several modern dining room table options for those who are limited on space, including those with small dining areas, eat-in kitchens, or studio apartments. 

Dining Tables w/Drawers

Some table room tables have drawers built-in underneath the tabletop. These are a nice option to use used for silverware, placemats, or other small items that need storage. 

Other tables contain a larger drawer at the base of the pedestal, great for storing plates or other dinnerware. 

Storage Benches

Some seating benches also open up to provide additional storage space. 

Round Tables

Round tables are a dining room table trend that is likely to never disappear. Round tables are easy to the situation into corners for smaller spaces. They also typically leave to make them larger or smaller depending on your seating needs. 


Large families often struggle to fit everyone at the table comfortably without taking up the entirety of the dining room. There are several dining options available that can make this task easier and more practical. 

Bench Pair

Double your seating space by replacing end chairs with benches to seat children or young adults. 

Expandable Table

Choose an expandable table to create a space large enough to seat your entire family at mealtime. 

Unique Table Ideas

Mid-century designs are currently a major trend in dining room tables. This style often uses materials, including metal or glass, to create a 1960’s look. 

Other Unique Ideas Include:

  • Pub Height Table with Bar Stools 
  • Natural Stone
  • Multifunctional Table/Desk
  • Freeform

There are also numerous styles trending right now, including a rustic farmhouse, parsons, and pedestal tables.

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