Furniture Checklist for Your Kids Room

kids bedroom furniture

Is your child’s room ready for a revamp? Or perhaps they are moving up from a nursery to an older child’s bedroom. Maybe it’s time for your kid to have their very own room for the first time. No matter your reasoning, ensuring that your child has everything they need in their room is crucial for basic necessities, comfort, and everyday use. Don’t forget to consider each item on the list to create the best space for your kid. 


Although obvious, choosing a bed for your child can require a lot of research. Many people think a bed is just a bed for kids, but that is not always true. While most kids are not overly picky about the firmness of the mattress or the style of the headboard, you must choose a bed that is comfortable, safe, and of the correct size. Consider how long you plan for your child to have a bed. A twin size is adequate for most kids, but if you are purchasing a bed for your preteen who may grow exponentially in the near future, a twin XL may be a better fit.


A dresser is where most kids will keep the majority of their clothing. Not many kids hang up their t-shirts, pants, or other everyday items. When choosing a dresser, consider quality and size. If the dresser is meant to be temporary, quality can be on the lower side. However, if you want the piece to last, ensure that you are purchasing a solid set of drawers. Also, think about how many clothing items your child has. If they only have a dozen outfits, they would require a smaller dresser than a child with a few dozen t-shirts, pants, and other clothing items. 


Nightstands are ideal for reading lamps, a glass of water, or books. If your child dislikes clutter, a nightstand with a drawer may be perfect. Otherwise, a standard nightstand that allows room for just a few items will likely serve you and your child well. 


Encouraging children to read starts with offering them a wide variety of books. Even better, provide them a bookshelf full of reading material and, if space allows, a small reading nook for their enjoyment. A bookshelf or case is imperative, and a comfy chair with good lighting inspires a kid to spend time there.  


While doing homework at the kitchen table may work for some kids, it can be distracting for others. Giving your child a quiet area to do their homework may improve their grades and focus. A child’s desk does not have to be big or expensive as long as it is functional. 


A chair in a bedroom is a great way to grant alone time for thinking, relaxing, or even putting shoes on. Children may appreciate a cozy armchair or even a bean bag chair to have a spot in their room for such things. Although not all bedrooms have the space for a sitting area, most can fit in a chair to add a little extra comfort. 

Get Help with Your Child’s Room in Burlington, MA

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